Hush to all these Fried Brains bashing on Achalle’s Mum!

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The motto of our beloved country is; “Peace, Work, Fatherland”, but I suppose it should have been, Peace, Work, Motherland. This is because a mother who couldn’t think of aborting her child, chose to go through travail, will never in her life time forget the pain she felt; firstly by carrying the child in your womb for nine months, secondly by going through the labour and pushing process of which we all know is not an easy one. Some Fathers/men on the other hand careless, some even rape their kids; both boys and girls.

Achalle mother made a video out of pain over the demise of her only son(permit me to reiterate, her only son). The video has been making waves on social medias and lots of old layers, some of whom do not even have a child, some of whom may have committed several abortions and do not even know what the word “travail” means, ┬áresponded to Achalle mother’s video bashing on her severely. This article is made out specially for these fried brains to tell them to, “Hush”

She used the word, “abuse” in her video. Abuse could be defined as the misuse/improper use of something or the cruel and violent treatment of a person. In the context of her video, her son was abused sexually! The video didn’t say for sure when the abuse started, but we could see her showing pictures depicting Achalle raised as a charismatic gospel singer when he was 12 years old. Clearly at that point of Achalle’s life he had not been abused! Remember she said he was abused sexually and not raped. For Sexual abuse of a grown up man to happen, there must be someone or group of persons; all powerful who call the shots at various realms(could be in the showbiz) misusing their power and affluence, made improper use of their tall and high positions, victimized Achalle and made him a sex slave with a promise of getting him to the spotlight. This ordeal had happened before to others in our society, it’s still happening and it shall continue to happen and mind you that most of our so called stars are victims of this type of abuse.

If Achalle was raped, his mother and other relative would have taken the matter to the authorities, but from all indication, he was victimized. Even with all his talents, the shot callers couldn’t put him on the spotlight without getting a piece of his Ass(This is what she meant by her son being abused sexually). We couldn’t tell from the video the point at which Achalle confided in his Mother. Nobody with the right sense of judgement will expect a loving mother to be the one to expose the dark side of her son.┬áI am quite sure she advised him in the closet! She made the video out of pain, a means to express herself, calling on other parents out there to get to know their children and the “Secrets” they keep, telling us all that Cameroon is dark and evil. She has received lots of criticism from people who are probably part of the closed and devilish system. They keep bashing hard on her because her video is a major blow and eye opener. People will start to see these faggots and know them for who they are.

#Mama Achalle we at are with you, we feel your pain and we promise to put the news just the way it’s without any twist of it to make you look like the Victimizer. R.I.P to you Achalle, that’s to say return if possible and to y’all attacking a bereaved woman, I tell you HUSH.

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5 thoughts on “Hush to all these Fried Brains bashing on Achalle’s Mum!”

  1. bro thanks for this post

  2. Lilian Ojong says:

    Hush to the friend brains, they can’t really think out of the box. Thanks for making us understand the poor woman’s message

  3. Mama Achalle take heart okay, for sure nothing is hidden like you stated in your Video. It’s well your God shall fight for you and all these paedophillic bosses will be exposed.

  4. Boss Chick says:

    RIP Star Boy Achalle, Mom take heart, it’s well and I pray your child’s abuser be exposed sooner than later.

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