Is Tim Kay, El Shaarawy’s Big Day – Join Meetcameroonians to Celebrate with him.

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Tim Kay is a friend, ┬áhe is a friend with a ready shoulder for others to learn on. He is a friend with a big heart and sometimes meet the needs of friends and family before his. Tim Kay is 100% selfless and a virtue like this is hard to find these days in world where there are more haters than lovers, more envious people than supporters, more pretenders, than friends. Tim Kay is loyal and has been with from her early days in 2010, the very first to become a member even though M.C wasn’t then consistent, and the two previous versions closed down, Tim Kay kept believing and supporting the idea. Right now he is a member, an active one at that; I only used the examples above to expatiate on how supportive Tim Kay can be.

Where they choose hate, he takes love, where they envy, he supports

Where they chose hate, he takes love, where they envy, he supports

We have come a long way, from primary school, secondary school( “the gentles”), and our days in Buea, even though I had to experience other things and made the Ghetto friends, but Tim Kay, I think believes in the philosophy of making new friends, but never forgetting old ones. To him, when it comes to friendship, distance is never a barrier; He in Europe and I in China, but we function as though we were in the same room. Tim Kay thanks for being a true human being, not only to friendship, but to every aspect of your previous life. For this and more, I salute you!

Today is a very special day not only to Tim Kay, but to me(Davis) and the entire Meetcameroonian team, it’s all thanks to this special day that a great leader was brought forth to warm our world and the hearts of people he is destined to meet. I’ve had my fair share of his love and still having, am so grateful to have him as a friend and brother. I could go on and on with words to describe him, but for the fact that this page won’t content it all, I will like to end this by beseeching M.C readers to join me and wish Tim Kay a prosperous birthday & pray to the Almighty to give him many more years of successes! Tim Kay na Ya cake this so, make sure you also share with the readers.

Have a blast bro, you deserve it. Thanks for all the support

Have a blast bro, you deserve it. Thanks for all the support



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8 thoughts on “Is Tim Kay, El Shaarawy’s Big Day – Join Meetcameroonians to Celebrate with him.”

  1. Boss Chick says:

    good one mc, happy birthday feels good reading about you..

  2. happy birthday bro, so rare meeting people like you, M.C is a good idea you showing this massive love to your members. am gonna stick here like glue

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks mi broda from anoda moda. appreciate this and may God bless you in all your doings.

  4. El Shaarawy says:

    Thanks for this ma bro from anoda moda. Really appreciate this. God bless you in all your undertakings. One love

    1. you are welcome mi bros

  5. Anglo-fools says:

    wow so good, though i do not know you, but Happy Birthday. Meetcameroonians my birthday too is coming up and i have been active on your site….I need something like this please…what an honour to a friend.

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