It’s a Disgrace to Find Stanley Enow……….

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It’s a Disgrace to Find Stanley Enow……….


Stanley Enow is our undisputed Champion, but it’s rather ridiculous to find him swearing the same pair of shoes  as seen in the picture above. King Kong has been estimated to have a net worth of between $200,000 – $300, 000 we see no reason why he would present his boss-self to two different interview sessions with the same pair of shoes, except for the fact that he is too busy and forgot completely  he had worn that pair of Nike on the 27th of June. Why didn’t Martin Enow remind him? Ohh I forgot Martin Enow is a CEO, my bad! What about his manager? come on Davis – His manager  manages the deals, negotiates all the big contracts to make sure our King Kong stays on top of his game.

Stanley Enow, we will like to see an update, when next you post your pictures on your Facebook wall and other social medias, we need to see tags of your make-up artists, designers and photographers. We hereby beseech and implore you to give these people names too, so when next we see you repeat a shoe, or any mistake in your dressing code, we get to hold the group of people mentioned above responsible. Right now we do not know who to blame for this mess up, because musically you are doing your job, Martin Enow is truly a chief executive officer, and your manager too is doing an excellent job, but we do not know who dresses you, we do not know who to give credits to or criticisms for your dressing code and pictures. Get us updated!

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13 thoughts on “It’s a Disgrace to Find Stanley Enow……….”

  1. you can criticised him but it will not weight him down or removed a hair from his body instead he is becoming popular and richer everyday,hien pere the king kong

    1. @victus this article is not meant to bring Stanley Enow down or get a penny outta him, but point out a flaw he might not be aware of, in fact it’s a positive criticism as it points to possible solutions and development in the entertainment industry.

  2. Tanyik Joe says:

    I don’t make it a habit to react to articles that bloggers blog but you’ve just confirmed the impression I always had about bloggers; “their blogs are not news worthy but always opinionated”. if he wears the same shoes for Two different interviews and you bother to talk about it then I think you focus on the details no one really cares about. The idea of wearing a pair of shoes twice is one option that guarantees efficiency. check your facts and you will discover that even the biggest minds such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Obama, Karl Lagerfeld and Mark Zuckerberg are all known for their set ‘uniforms’. in fact a name has been coined for this called “set outfit”. I’ll like you to study aspects of news worthiness

    1. @Tanyik Joe thanks for the advice, but I also advice you to read other articles here ok. Stanley Enow is a star and a role model, he can repeat his attires when going to the night club, but not in front the camera.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Tanyik Joe try to think before you talk, you read one article and you conclude, I have read about 5 different articles on the website, all about how positive and talented Stanley Enow is, I was beginning to think Stanley Enow owns this blog or it’s a pro Stanley site until I read this post. It proves the people behind this site are not biased, they simply state their opinions the way they see it and this particular article is imperative for the growth of the industry. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Obama, Karl Lagerfeld and Mark Zuckerberg, why didn’t you mention Eisenstein? These are great people, but they are not stars, I was expecting you to mention people like Birdman, Jay Z, Wiz Kid, Davido, mention an instance they repeated a pair of shoe or cloth infront of the Camera, if you can not do that then shut the fuck up!

  3. CeoDavis, You are right! Whether a start or a shit who cares? He is an ass of a dresser, He needs to be criticized, why dont you people want others to criticize him when he goes about abusing people, “LOCKO IS FAT AND NEED TO DO SLIM CURSE” is he even normal? Does he Know “LOCKO” is one of the Best Cameroonian Artist, I mean The Best… Stanley Enow is the Worst Cameroonian Artist Ever, I dont look at his fame, if we where talking about fame, we will call ” WAX DEY” the KING KONG and Call Stanley the KONG KONG, Stanley is the Worst Kinda artist ever existed on planet earth, he might have good management, but he shouldnt go about insulting people in International CALABOS. He is soon going Down, Cus Young artists like “KIDDO” and Many others are coming up, Even the “LOCKO” will be famous more than he is now, in a short run.
    I give my Middle Finger to the So called “KING KONG”

  4. This is very good, Stanley Enow you are bigger than repeating shoes in front of the Camera, you are very rich and can do better. As advised by the writer, get a photographer because some of your pictures sucks, get a designer, cos sometimes your outfits are totally fame misfit, get a make-up artist and to add to the list, put your name of the number of plate of your Cars just like other big stars.

  5. Boss Chick says:

    Positive criticism is healthy enough, don’t see why some people are screaming on this.

  6. Mr writer if you don’t have respect for money better start doing so now ! $200- $300k ? I need the stuff you smoked b4 writing this . Wake up

    1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

      We’re number one fan of Banyangi Boy n everything we write here is to step his game up for real…itz no hate bro

  7. Tanyik Joe says:

    hey, I don’t need some ignorant bunkum telling me to shut up simply because I made my opinion heard. next time don’t comment as an anonymous because it proves you are a coward. let the guy be, he wears a pair of shoes and you see a problem with it?? that’s some dumb topic to write on a blog. in fact, my problem with bloggers is simply their content and nothing more.

    1. Anonymous says:

      to tell you to shut up means you are not making sense. It’s obvious you have problems with bloggers, I am also an audience like you, this site in particular have been writing all the good things about Stanley Enow an d not for once did you comment till you hear about pair of shoes, you see limited your mind is? Take your time to read before you drop comments…I prefer to stay anonymous.!

      1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

        Thankz bro for the strong points. We’re lovers of the craft n not haters, our interest is making positive comments n criticisms nothing more…#onelove

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