Japan Donates Shoes To Cameroon

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CRTV is reporting that over 16,000 displaced pupils of the Far North Region have been given 11, 944 pair of shoes by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency – JICA. CRTV stated that the shoes were symbolically handed to the Minister of Basic Education Yousouf Hadidja Alim by the Ambassador of Japan to Cameroon Kunio Ukamura at the conference hall of the Basic Education Ministry.

The reports further stated that Minister Yousouf Hadidja Alim on behalf of the Government lauded such an initiative which has come to combat illiteracy in the Region. Apart from donating pupils with shoes, JICA has often supported Cameroon in constructing some of its schools.

Second hand shoes

The Ambassador of Japan to Cameroon on the other handed said the contribution has been made to fight against the infection of soil parasites in pupils, a common disease found in the Region. The contribution to him will go a long way to improve the performance of pupils in the given localities.

Information churned out by CRTV suggests the shoes which were all cealed in 484 cartons were donated thanks to the initiative of a Japanese Deputy Funada Hajme who collaborated with Secondary and High School students in Japan. The shoes will be handed to the most Affected Divisions of the Far North Region such as: the Diamare, Logone and Chari, Mayo Sava and the Mayo Tsanaga Divisions- CRTV concluded.

BaretaNews Statement:

The aspect of donating is something good.However, the idea that those shoes came from students in Japan is worrisome. It seems they just went about asking students in Japan to bring forth their used shoes to be shipped to Africa. This looks like dumping to Cameroon. We of BaretaNews thinks there could be better ways to help the displaced kids rather than giving shoes. It could range from constructing affordable homes, providing clean water and electricity as well as investing in human capacities. We, however, appreciate the good gesture from the Japanese government.

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