Jungle just got matured with the emergence of The Lion

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In the Cameroon music scene, you will find a King Kong(Stanley Enow),  you will find a vulture(Jovi), you will find a Mic Monsta. Even with all the big names just mentioned, the scene is still big and void without a Lion. We know a fight between a King Kong and the Lion(King of the jungle), it’s a fight to the death, we equally know vultures feed on carcasses.Hmm! With the emergence of  “Nami Nami Cyrus” dubbed the Lion of Cameroon rap Jungle, the entertainment ‘dustry just got even more entertaining.

When Empire company meets with Best Music Inc., a smash hit is produced. Amassa No Vex is the title of the song with new words like “flowgasm” which will be added in the ‘dustry vocabulary.  Watch the video below and drop your opinions:

Do you think Cyrus is Lion enough to stand the mighty King Kong? They better map their territories or the Vulture will feed off their carcasses.

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2 thoughts on “Jungle just got matured with the emergence of The Lion”

  1. Anonymous says:

    good video bad song, if na Enow sing tumbubos wuna go complain…Amassa no vex belongs to someone else…fuck this copy cat…he can not be the lion….Lions are unique

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous what is your problem with this dude?

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