MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

They are intelligent, talented and have collectively put so many names in google and other search engines around the globe. Thanks to them we are kept current about events and happenings worldwide. They are our bloggers, and they deserve some love from us.

Dear Readers, Kindly Vote your favorite blog/blogger of the year in the poll below. The winner of the poll gets a back-link, a year round advert of their blog on the sidebars of M.C medias’ websites(www.cameroonianbeauties.com and www.meetcameroonians.com.) and a place for them on our Wall of Fame reserved only for Kamer’s best.

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Thanks for Voting and showing love!

M.C Medias: We Recognise, We give opportunity, We promote beyond borders and we show Love!


  1. Nancy Ojong says:

    it is a good thing the votes here are only a reflection of what a handful of people think. I would never vote for some of the ones voted for. Most of the blogs I read and that many of my friends talk about had zero votes. My top 3 blogs on ure list are kamer kongosa for kongosa, miss gina promotes for entertainment, the hotjem for lifestyle&fashion.

    1. Many Cameroonians dont know what tech blogs do. That is why favorites news blogs. But am happy to see top tech blogs here. The first two blogs are blogs recognize internationally and offer excellent services to internet users. I use to think Ransbiz always go with hotjem . Do they have any relationship?

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