Kim Kardashian asks fans for tips on how to improve her Instagram

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Kim Kardashian plays out most of her life on social media – but she’s started to worry about how she’s coming across.

The reality TV star, 36, has begged fans to suggest ways in which she can make her Instagram page more “consistent”.

Kardashian posted a picture of herself wearing a white off the shoulder dress and told fans that she wants to step up her game.

“I need more consistency on my insta feed. Should I go back to all one filter? Please help. I really need to step my insta page up,” she wrote.

Her 102 million followers were quick to suggest pointers, with many begging her not to post any more vintage Polaroid style pictures.

Others suggested she stick to one filter, while some encouraged her to limit her posts to three a week.

One fan said they wanted to see the ‘real’ Kim, writing: “I think that you should add more pics showing the real you. Like your hobbies, things you care about and stuff that makes you laugh. Don’t be just a beautiful perfect image, show that you are a human being.”

Another agreed commenting: “Show the real YOU. That’s what people want to see (not only on insta). Everyone has something different to show.”

Others praised her “stunning” page and said she doesn’t need to change: “Just do you because at 102 million followers I think it’s fair to say whatever you’re doing: it’s working.”


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