Kumba Council Realises 40 Per cent Investments In 2015

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Victor Ngoh Nkelle


The Government Delegate, Victor Ngoh Nkelle, disclosed this at a recent council session.
Grand Councillors of the Kumba City Council in Meme Division of the South West Region recently adopted the 2015 Administrative and Management Accounts during the First Ordinary Council session. The Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Victor Ngoh Nkelle, noted that 1.5 Billion FCFA was budgeted in 2015, with additional investment of 212 Million FCFA from MINEPAT, giving a total of 1,712,000,000 FCFA. He disclosed that 1,082,525,076 FCFA was collected, higher than in 2014; while investment stood at 40 per cent.

He said during the year under review, the City Council was able to dredge portions of River Manbungise in 2015. Victor Ngoh Nkelle disclosed that because of the accountable and efficient execution of the project in 2015, Kumba City Council considered the project for continuation in 2016 by extending it for another 8 months to clean 580 metres of the same river at 210,582,000 FCFA. The City Council, he said, equally drained toilets within the Kumba Main Market and parks, acquired 105 metallic chairs for the City Council Hall, 35 computer tables for the library, 300 plastic chairs and tables still awaited to be supplied.
The Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council noted that work at Buea Road Motor Park stands at 60 per cent, with the ongoing construction of 26 permanent roadside stores adjacent the Premier Pharmacy, in addition to the rehabilitation of other roads in the city. He said internal revenue could be more than what was realized if Sub-divisional Councils stopped the collection of building permit levies and advertisement taxes.
The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Koulbout Aman David, lauded the Government Delegate and his team for a job well done, thanks to excellent team work between the Government Delegate, Grand Councillors, the Secretary General and the Treasurer. He called on the Treasurer not to relent his efforts in revenue collection. The SDO also urged the Government Delegate to speed up work at the Mambanda and Buea Road Motor Parks to help generate more revenue for the City Council.
Reference Link: http://thetia-nasjournal.blogspot.com/2016/06/kumba-council-realises-40-per-cent.html
Source: Cameroon Tribune

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