LOVE (The human Nature)

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Love is a word that goes with ability and opportunity
It is the fate of the human heart
It is the responsibility of the human soul
It is an appetite you will never quench,
No matter the number of friends you make.
You may on the passer-by beckon
You almost immediately get fed up when love approaches
Its sincerity is boundless but very poisonous
It is a once in a life time experience
Don’t waste yours

Love is not just caring for people or saving lives
It is a believe that can move mountains and it get stronger with age
If you were a man of principles you start hating principals of principles
It becomes a fallacy as we get closer and ruins a home when abandoned
All major twists in life come when one falls in love
You never see it coming, but you almost immediately feel it leaving
Your world goes crashing, but the real world keeps revolving
Just like a stream, feelings pass away
Love is not just a feeling, it is a way of life, it is unique

Love is not a change, neither is it a trade fair
Love is a timeless count of all the seconds you miss someone
It is like the rain that pours for general good
You see your tears as laughter and the world seemingly stops at your grief
It is a mystery, but not as mysterious as believing in God
You may trust your instincts but know that love is not a season out of time
The better you think the lesser you know
Love is a monumental piece of excellence
You may want to call it “The Human Nature”

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