Man dates African cockroach and had sex dreams, Says lover is more attractive than any human girl

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Man says his cockroach lover is more attractive that any human girl after dating it and having sex dreams.

Wanders they say will never end. Here is a story of a Japanese man who dated a cockroach; yes I mean the cockroach you slap off with your slippers. Their love relationship when for a year until the cockroach died.

He recounts how he had sex dreams with her; he also reveals that no human girl could be compared in beauty to his cockroach lover.

Yuta Shinohara is a specialist of bug who has made his name in Japan in insect cuisine. His cockroach story began when he bought a cockroach from Africa and insect later became his girlfriend. He confesses his insect girlfriend meant a lot to him and he wished she live forever within him.

Basically, a cockroach has an average life span of just one year, so when his girlfriend (cockroach) eventually died, Yuta ate her just so she will forever live in him.

Yuta who is known for his love of nature explains to a YouTube channel how he bought the cockroach and named it Lisa-Chan-from Africa and even had sex dreams about her.

He may have had sex with her but for the size which apparently couldn’t fit ‘unfortunately’ he says. But he however says he had sex with her in his imagination, by imagining she was supersized and he became small.

When asked how he managed to communicate with his cockroach lover, Lisa, he said, it could have been my imagination since I got too attached over time, that I started to feel as if we were communicating.

He said “we were 100% serious” that no human girl was as attractive as Lisa. She was my first love, I picture doing it with her many times because I really liked her.

I know it’s impossible but I imagined a world where cockroaches become supersized or I become small.

Yuta also has a favourite tree which he calls ‘Heaven’ that he enjoys napping on.

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