Mancho Bibixy allegedly called off the strike

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A very popular voice note currently circulating in several Whatsapp groups suggest that–Mancho Bibixy, the spear-header of the “Coffin Revolution” which escalated into the all Anglophone strike–in his personal capacity called off the strike actions.

The said Voice note has raised lots of controversies with many people questioning the integrity of Mancho Bibixy, and others drawing the harsh  conclusion of him been bribed by the regime. The voice note came out few days after the freedom fighter sent out messages on social medias including YouTube encouraging his fellow comrades to be steadfast and not give up the struggle. You can listen one of the authentic messages in the next page.  Click below:

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Several hours after the controversial voice note, Mancho Bibixy took to Facebook to address the controversy. Continue to the next page to read what he posted.[nextpage title=”Mancho Bibixy’s Take on Facebook”]

Very urgent.this is to clarify doubts about our audio message today.i now speak not alone but for the liberation movement of the southern cameroons.we call on the people of bamenda to suspend street demonstrations.the teachers n lawyers strike continues.we need to treat our wounded,bury the dead,release those kidnapped by biya forces,get on dialogue with govt n foreign bodies who are in town.we also need to mobilise resources to assist the affected families.can we do all these while demonstrating?the other towns should keep the fire burning.if gov’t n the uno n Britain cannot talk sense now then bda will erupt n it will be do or nt the specie that can be corrupted.the picture shows u I’ve been dying many times for others.nothing on earth can corrupt me n our movement(lmsc)All 4 one,1 for all. Mancho Bibixy

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