Sustainable Means of Funding the Struggle and Self Fund Raising technique

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Dear Good People Of Southern Cameroons, we salute and hail you for the efforts put so far in the struggle for the liberation of our Home-Land-Southern Cameroons. Your collective resolutions, determinations, advice, critiques and proposals have pushed the leaders of various groups like; AGC, consortium, Morisc, SYCL etc., to form a united front under the auspices of “SCACUF”. We have craved and begged for such a unity, and finally, they hearkened to our collective voices and served it hot in a platter of gold.  With such a Victory, we can consider the Struggle half won! We have come a long way and still have many miles to cover, thus, it’s about time we started thinking of sustainable means of funding the Struggle.

Because SCACUF is the united front, We of M.C Medias team and followers approve all funding Campaigns by SCACUF, in the name of the struggle and do hereby make the following suggestions:


  1. That a bitcoin wallet be created. Most people want to contribute, but can only do so through bitcoins.
  2. To create a culture of collective engagement: “we must collectively support ourselves, “collectively promote ourselves, “collectively empower ourselves, enrich ourselves, the list of the things we can collectively do are endless, but first we must have the culture of collective engagement!
  3. Sustainable Means of Funding the Struggle/Self Fund Raising technique.

I will like to elaborate on the third suggestions: Sustainable Means of Funding the Struggle and Self-Fund Raising technique.


About 80% of our winning struggle have been fought online, we have seen the rise of too many social media activists, great and dedicated followers. Over these past months so much as in internet time, human resources, traffic and general contents have been invested in social media networks like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp groups, Wechat groups etc. Good investment that has thus far, fetched the return of our struggle gaining international recognition and staying on course, but in terms of Money, Mark Zuckerberg and other share holders of the social medias we are using have made Millions of Dollars from the content and traffic we have invested in their networks.

My proposition for a sustainable means of Funding the struggle is to create a Southern Cameroonian centric website(social Media), example of such a website is; (blog, forums, groups, Facebook like wall, shop, YouTube like video hosting). With a proper sensitization, giving the people of Southern Cameroons reasons why they have to start using their own social media–the traffic of the website will easily reach 500K daily Visits–and with the tons of content by the users, the website will easily get well positioned in search engines.

Get the website well optimized for specific keywords by SEO specialist(I recommend myself) to draw international attention, create other social media accounts in the name of the website(facebook, piniterest, reddit, twitter, tumlr, quora, etc), Get a social media auto poster plugin installed in the website. Once all of that is done, plus a daily traffic of 500 K plus, We can then signup for google adsense, amazon and other social marketing programs, get adverts for products, goods and services our people are interested in.

Southern Cameroonians become active users, dedicated to see it grow so they can have a social media to call theirs: posting contents in the forums, groups, writing blog posts, commenting, watching videos, click on affiliate links and purchasing goods listed in the shop; the website will be able to self raise between $100,000 – $500,000 after 6 months of it’s existence,  and between $500,000 -$1,000,000 between 1-2 years of existence.

It’s about time we took this winning struggle out of Facebook, wechat groups, whatsapp groups and invest all of this content and traffic in a pro Ambazonia website. If Linda Ikenji could make over $13M USD  as a lone blogger, Southern Cameroonians will generate billions coming together under their own online community.

The comment Box is open for suggestions, possible names for Southern Cameroons Social media to unite us online and convert our contents and traffic into money. We have the technicians ready, once the leaders and general public approve the suggestions, the website will be up and running before you know it.

If you find the above suggestions good enough, you can comment, like and share till it reaches our leaders and every Southern Cameroonian.

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