Meet Samuel Eto’o’s baby Mama Anna Barranca

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Anna Barranca and her daughter, Anne Eto’o in 2013
Anna Barranca is an Italian hairdresser and the mother of Samuel Eto’o’s first daughter, Annie Eto’o. Eto’o got Anna pregnant during a seven-month fling in Spain in 2001. In December 2013, she told The Sun Samuel Eto’o abandoned his daughter and refused to support them both financially.

She claimed she loved him for himself and not for his wealth — but that he abruptly dumped her after she saw him with another woman.

In February 2014,  she told the press that Samuel Eto’o was born in 1974.
Samuel Eto’o has had a fair share of drama with women even before Nathalie Koah surfaced.

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