Model dubbed as ‘African Kim Kardashian’ says her 60-inch booty ‘stops traffic’

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Model dubbed as ‘African Kim Kardashian’ says her 60-inch booty ‘stops traffic’

Eudoxie Yao says, “No one is going to tell me how to dress, how I should be. I love my curves!”

Move over Kim Kardashian. This model, from Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, flaunts a curvy bottom measuring an astonishing 60 inches without any plastic surgery or enhancements.

Eudoxie Yao is often referred to as “African Kim Kardashian” for her curvy bum, weighing 209lbs (14st 9lbs) and has claimed that her booty stops traffic. “When I leave my house, people are often surprised and shocked at seeing me. I stop traffic. People are shocked. But they never say anything to my face,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I’d like to describe my look as ultra sexy. Before, it was all about looking thin. But now, men are more attracted to women with curves. I think it’s changed a lot,” she added.

She also revealed that her curvy booty is all natural. “I’ve never had cosmetic surgery. Never, never, never in my life. I’ve always been like this. My elders have bigger bums than me. It’s always been natural.”

The Abidjan native also revealed that she is a huge fan of Kim Kardashian. “Someone who I’m a fan of is Kim Kardashian. I like her dress sense. I’ve been compared to her, and what she does. She’s definitely my role model.”

Like Kim, the African beauty doesn’t believe in covering up her behind and loves wearing skintight jeans, Lycra dresses and tiny shorts. She said: “I wear a lot of stretchy clothes. I don’t know what my clothes size is. When I buy clothes, I don’t like clothes that are too big. I like smaller clothes! I like tight fitting clothes, if they’re not, I’ll snip them.”

The model is active on social media and boasts a fan following of close to half a million followers on Instagram. The social media star, who regularly posts pictures of herself, revealed that she struggles to leave her home without passersby stopping her in the street to take selfies with her.

She said: ‘Now I’m a conversation topic. I go to countries and fans treat me like an artist. I’ve become a celebrity. I appear on TV, I go to events. Sometimes I present shows as a hostess.’

The social media star says she doesn’t believe in diets. “I’m not on any diet. I eat whatever I want. I have tried to slim down on my arms, but other than that, it’s all natural. People have mocked me for my physique. I’ve put on weight and I accept it.”

“No one is going to tell me how to dress, how I should be. I love my curves! I can say now I love my shape!” she said.

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