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Hundreds of Nude Models In front of Times Square to Promote ‘Positivity and Acceptance’

Nude Models became the talk of America when 200 Nude Models took to the Times Square for an exhibition. We believe we are at an era when we decide what we do with our bodies, time and the choices we make whether good to others or not doesn’t really matter because it’s democracy. We all have the choice to do what we want.

  • The public nudity was part of New York City artist Andy Golub’s latest exhibit, ‘Body Notes’ 
  • 200 models stripped down to their birthday suits and were painted in the middle of Times Square
  • The models were painted with phrases they selected that were meant to inspire ‘positivity and acceptance’
  • The ‘Body Notes’ exhibit was inspired by the post-presidetial election ‘Subway Therapy’ Post-it note wall
Nude Models

Artists, like Caren Charles (pictured) painted hundreds of nude models with messages meant to inspire ‘positivity and acceptance’ during New York City artist Andy Golub’s latest public body painting exhibit, ‘Body Notes,’ on Friday

Nude Models

New York’s Times Square played host to 200 nude models over a four hour period while they were painted and photographed

Nude Models

During a three-hour period, models stripped down to their bare skin to be painted by artists in the middle of Times Square

Nude Models

After everyone was painted, the models walked over to the red bleachers in Times Square for an hour-long photo session

Nude Models

Models picked which phrases would be written on their torsos. The phrases were meant to inspire positivity and acceptance

For four hours, visitors to New York’s Times Square got an eyeful when two hundred nude models put themselves on display as part of a nude body painting exhibit on Friday when 200 nude models took to exhibition.

The nude models descended upon Times Square to participate in New York City artist Andy Golub’s latest exhibit, ‘Body Notes,’ during which their naked bodies were turned into colorful canvases featuring statements aimed at creating ‘a powerful expression of positivity and acceptance,’ according to the exhibit’s notes.

Golub said that ‘Body Notes’ was inspired by artist Matthew ‘Levee’ Chavez’s ‘Subway Therapy’ wall at the Union Square subway station, which sprang into existence in the days following the 2016 presidential election and quickly became a place where commuters could express their post-election sentiments by jotting them on Post-it notes for all to see.

In Golub’s exhibit, nude models were painted a base color and then their torsos were emblazoned with a statement of their choosing, ranging from phrases like ‘Art is free’ and ‘Friends make the world go round’ to ‘My body my art’ and ‘Ask me why I love my body.’

Nude models were painted during a three hour span, followed by an hour of photography on Times Square’s red bleachers, surrounded by looky-loos the entire time.

Warning signs were posted around the area where the body painting took place, alerting visitors to expect public nudity nearby.

‘Everyone feels that being naked is such a big thing but in reality that’s just who we are,’ Golub told the NY Daily News, adding that his body painting exhibits help to destigmatize nudity.

Nude Models

Nude models were painted a base color, before seeing an artist who wrote the messages of the models’ choice on their torsos

Nude Models

Artists painted messages meant to inspire positivity and acceptance on the bodies of the nude models as police looked on

Nude Models

Hundreds of nude models turned up in Times Square to be painted and participate in the ‘Body Notes’ exhibit on Friday

Among the reasons models participated in the ‘Body Notes’ exhibit were to promote body positivity and experience freedom from judgement.

Participant Amanda Cerami told the NY Daily News that it was ‘an adrenaline rush’ to be naked in front of so many spectators without caring what they thought of her.

Another participant told NBC New York that, body size wasn’t important, ‘It is your inner beauty that really radiates out.’

‘Subway Notes’ artist Chavez appeared as a guest artist during the ‘Body Notes’ exhibit.

Golub’s next nude body painting event, the 4th annual NYC Body painting Day, is scheduled to take place on July 22 in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

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