MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Journeying through life calls for sincerity
Sincerity in its part comes from within the soul
Souls of true friends would always shine a light
Light of a burning desire to bring forth new spirits
Spirits that would make our world unending
Unending would be the strength felt around us
Even though our world is that large,
We seem to have total control
For there is no place that far

Fighting through life calls for fast friends
Friends whose presence can move mountains
Mountains though beautify our nature
Nature can also make them barriers
Barriers greater than the seven wanders
Wanders that can be made legendary
Legendary, yes but compromising
Compromising, such is the human nature
For there is no place that far

Loneliness is a friend to my inward being
Being love is a characteristic to my personality
Personality like a map would tell you of a person’s image
Image of an unpredictable grandeur
Grandeur in a mind as brave as mine
Mine, the name I call my lady
Lady, the one for whom I would climb hills and swim oceans
For there is no place that far

4 thoughts on “NO PLACE THAT FAR”

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