Occultism and Homosexuality in Buea, The Cult of the Brainwashed!

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Mark 8:36: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Buea, a small town in the South West Region of Cameroon, home to the famous Anglo-Saxon university, “UB”. So many great things and great people have been nurtured first hand in Buea. Lots of folks got to discover who they truly are in Buea and a multitude got lost in this same small town. Buea looks ordinary to the guy looking from a normal horizon, but spiritually speaking; “Buea is hardcore Ville”.

Buea is not only fast becoming the bedrock of Cameroon’s technological & entertainment world, but also a master piece of occultism and homosexuality. Gone are those days “Famla” was claimed exclusively by the Bamilike’s and the Westerners, these days Freemasonry and Shamanism have infiltrated every bit of our society(schools, churches, ghettos) and not long from now it will be obvious even to the blind; that  Buea is the most affected! I guess Buea was targeted because of the huge influx of students being admitted into “UB” every year.

When he fucks you in the Ass, you become his slave, and he can always get into you anytime through the opened gate.

When he fucks you in the Ass, you become his slave, and he can always get into you anytime through the opened gate.

It all started with scamming, though homosexuality had long been there, but not in the open as it’s the case of today. Lots of brilliant students got attracted into the fast lane of easy money. With their little pocket allowances from home, they couldn’t buy human hair for their girl friends, book visit to their favorite manicure, pedicure & eye lashes saloons. The scammers were winning as they could freely get all these things and even more for the girls. Many students dropped out of school in pursue of these pleasures. Scamming seemed to be the most noble crime ever! some termed it “Colonial Debt”, others said it was payment for slave trade their ancestors had done on their behalf.

It was all a smooth game until webmasters of most the scam sites made great changes in their firewalls. The changes in firewall was a major setback to the scam community especially those who were getting millions from Alibaba. The firewalls were made such that accounts from Cameroon were immediately declined, a great blow to scammers who had been living a high & good life all for free. These scammers, with the changes made by webmasters, great firewalls as strong as the great wall of China, didn’t want to go back to the normal life. They couldn’t bear it, bank accounts were being drained empty, from ten bottles of whiskeys to five, then to one. People started noticing and insults poured out! Most of these guys became frustrated and couldn’t take it any more. Then we witnessed the first wave of people who got initiated into the cults. A normal visit to a spiritualist or native doctor turned out to be a great involvement with great conditions to be followed strictly, but again these fellas were back to the top. This time around more darker and wicked, though they still call themselves scammers; most of them are far from that! They hide under the name scamming because society had accepted it to be normal since it’s a colonial debt.

Lots of Faggots out there

Lots of Faggots out there

Oh, how many girls have lost their wombs in exchange of money/sex with these faggots! Oh how many boys have lost their spiritual essence being fucked in the ass. Yes off-course they get paid! Plenty of money sometimes, but each time they get fucked in the ass, they left as empty vessels with an open spiritual gate (chakra) permitting every evil entities(demons) to get into their lives without being checked.

Many will question how I got to know this much, let me put it straight to you! From the abundance of my experiences I wrote this article. In 2011, I had 3 containers of goods worth $100,000 shipped from China. Those who were in Buea at this time will sure attest to this. The first experience was at the initial sales point I chose; a place I thought was the most suitable and best for my businesses. This position is located in the heart of Molyko, opposite Africanna Restaurant, the exact the place “Facebook snack bar” started, before they moved to their current location. So many propositions were made, I was approached by several tycoons with big ideas and money that could have easily made me a multi millionaire, but on the condition that I had to belong. Thank God who made me not to be over ambitious! I maintained my path despite all the attempts. They decided on a different approach, the first guy, a well established business tycoon came to me, bought goods worth over 5 million CFA, paid cash, but asked me to keep them in my warehouse till he instructs his truck driver to come pick them up. That guy left only to come back without his driver. He told me, “son I know it’s been months since I paid for those goods, I know as a business man you must have sold them so as to have space in your warehouse”. I was quiet so as to understand where he was heading to, he continued speaking;”not to worry, if those goods have been sold, we could always work something out”. Peeps you see how trickish these people are right? If I had sold those products, trust me on this,  the working something out would have been my involvement into occultism. He was surprised when I told him the goods are still the way we packed them untouched. I insisted he must get them out that same day, he did and that was the last time I ever saw him again. As if that wasn’t enough test for me, another guy came and  bought Tiles for his new building in Molyko, took them to his place only to call me later in the evening saying his technicians rejected the tiles, asked me to come and take the tiles back, but I shouldn’t worry about refunding him. I saw it as another trap, and I immediately declined the offer, told him I do not perform business like that! coincidentally I had a fatal accident that same night, right in front of his building. If not of the grace of God I would have been history.

Now lets get to the most interesting experience which actually caused the down fall of my then flourishing businesses. After all these big guys have attempted and failed, I was asked to packed out from the initial sales point, saying I do not belong there. I was refunded and asked to go quietly, I understood completely what they meant by I didn’t belong there, so without any question I was set for another location. Fathie New Look saloon and Fathie Spot were established. Two months later a guy appeared as docile and harmless as a dove, I was quite older than him, my guards were down……….Story to be continued

Part 2 coming up soon, the gay who ended my businesses, but failed to get my ass!

Thanks for Reading.


10 thoughts on “Occultism and Homosexuality in Buea, The Cult of the Brainwashed!”

  1. Excellent and touching story, consider writing a novel or a movie script. It’s worth the read

  2. so frightening! waiting for the part 2 though.

  3. Boss Chick says:

    It takes great courage to put up a story like this one, I hope others get to learn from it and avoid falling preys to these minions.

  4. Big Trouble in Little Buea, God help us and open up our eyes to be able to see things the way they are like the author of this article. Thanks meetcameroonians for putting this up, it will really save souls from perishing.

  5. Hard work pays off. Just keep on doing your thing your way. It’s not how fast you make it, but how far you can go and stay on top. Keep it on!

    1. Thanks for the comment, it means a a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!!

  6. You are a real G. Am glad you brought this up to open the blind eyes in Molyko Grand

  7. Was a good read! Learned a lot and scales fell off my eyes. Thanks to the author for the courage to share his experience with the public.

  8. Anonymous says:

    CEO Davis, Thank God you escaped all these. When I look at your struggle back then, I knew you were fighting with some forces beyond you. Thank God you were strong and use the same defenses moving forward. You are a favored child of God, that’s why no one can touch you.

  9. Boss Chick says:

    Mr Ceo, we are still waiting for the part two of this article….don’t tell us they’ve bribed you, ahhkaa ei don stay nah, don’t keep your audience waiting for too long…Thanks

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