Paul Biya’s Operation Sparrowhawk: Mendo Ze Slammed 20 years for Embezzlement

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The report card of Paul Biya’s operation Sparrowhawk drive launched in 2006 to fight against corruption was this week released.

The names of some of its candidate including the one time general manager of the Cameroon radio and television, Zarvais Mendo Ze finally had his result.
Convicted for embezzlement, has since 2014 been behind bars amongst others.

A Yaounde court on Tuesday found him guilty and has been slammed a 20year jail term. He is equally to pay the sum of 15 billion FCFA as damages to the state.
Most of his coaccused were also handed down heavy jail terms.

The former minister of finance Polycarp Abah Abah was also served 18 years in jail.

The drive against corrupting has also seen the likes of former defence minster send behind bars recently, accompanied by his wife for embezzlement.

Mendo Ze after his sentence could be head saying, “if u want me to die in jail, I will die and live the country to you”. As if to say he is innocent of any wrong doing.

Critics however doubt as to whether this drive against corrupting by president Paul Biya is a corruption crackdown or a political witch hunt.

Many have been send to jail already for embezzlement, many might be on the way. But the question many Cameroonians have not been able to answer is whether this drive is effective in putting a stop to embezzlement?

Most importantly, where does the money they embezzled go to after they have been send to jail? Or does it simple switch pockets to be embezzled by the next party!..

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