MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Chop I Chop:

We have grown through many doctrines

An eye for an eye, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, any many more

All these had changed time and the shape of the earth but not man

Not in Africa, rivers have over-flooded their banks, earth “shook” and wind angered  

Yet our coffers go dry, not for construction or aids to refugees

But to some unknown pockets better than the Swiss bank

Whose sizes are well defined, yet can not be shaped


Our undeveloped schools manage to teach us

Shapes like squares, circles, pyramids, and triangles

But forgot to tell us that to be a good citizen one needs to face life as a square

They also did not tell us about the pyramid being a triangle

But today we realize the triangle is the symbol for power

No doubt, it is found in the dollar bill


Of all these doctrines none moves me like the African policy of Chop I chop

Like a wild bush fire, it is burning its way to the western world

No one dares criticize its domain

It has the power to choose who is to be famous

What happens then to the Socratic idea of an ideal world?


Chop I chop, the phrase Africans adore most

It defines each one’s territory

It turns our state affairs into family affairs

We have fought hard, then harder, and now even hardest

Yet we can’t change a thing


The world of aristocrats are ganging against us

They promise to liberate us each time they make a speech

Yet, join the Chop I chop team in the long run

We have listened to them for so long that we now know the theme of each new speech

“Teach me not how to fish but how to eat fish because one day I might definitely fish in your pond” my grand’ mom once warned

Definitely, we will find our own way out

Definitely, we will sew our own suits

Definitely, we will preach Chop I chop


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