Police Arrest 6 Complicit for Inserting Pepper into Girls Private

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The social media since it came in place has help promote the good the bad and the ugly in different societies going beyond national and international borders. Nothing  remains as a secret immediately it is captured by on a mobile phone. Most people have taken pride in degrading others through sharing their nudes and other bizzear things just to gain buzz and attention.

It takes just a share and a re-share and with a twinkle of an eye, the world gets to see whatever. Taking into consideration that bad news flies like wildfire.

They has been recent video of a nude girl being assaulted and filmed by some hoodlums as they insert pepper into her private. It is alleged that this incident happen somewhere in Nigeria Benin City over an alleged missing phone.

Six men have been reportedly arrested link to the act, owner of the phone alleged to have been stolen by the young lady, the man in whose house the young lady was tortured, and three others.

It is even alleged the victim never stole any phone. According to Mr. Abubakar Yesufu, President of League of Patriotic Lawyers, the victim did not steal any phone. .

“She refused the sexual overtures of the kingpin, who orchestrated the aforesaid missing phone and with the aid of a native doctor, he became the accuser and enforcer in chief of that sordid show of shame,” he said. The show of shame has been done; the young lady will have to live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

However, the perpetuators will now have to face the heavy arm of the law. Many rights groups are picking up the case as well for tougher justice which will send warning signals to others.

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