Real Francophones Stand with their Southern Cameroon Brothers

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

It’s not a new or strange thing that most Francophone Cameroonians prefer the English life style, cultures, education among others. It’s a common thing to find French speaking parents sending their Children to study completely in English so as not to be identified in the future as a Francophone. Many of them have come to the bitter realization that, the Francophone ways of life is nothing short of corruption and full of moral decadence.

Every other country in Africa is prospering: intellectually, morally, spiritually, but take a close look at every Francophone African nation; you will notice wars, famine, and corruption at its peak. No wonder a Francophone revolutionary artist like Longue Longue has sided with his English Speaking brothers of Cameroon.

In Longue Lomgue’s recent released, you can clearly hear him beseeching the Anglophones not to forget him when they finally get their independence. Mind you that Longue Longue is not the first wise person on earth to make such a move, even some Egyptians followed the Israelite to the promise land,

Listen to Longue Longue below:


Spare Longue Longue for referring to every anglophone as “Bamenda”


Davis E Tabot


15 thoughts on “Real Francophones Stand with their Southern Cameroon Brothers”

  1. Muchesi Valey Ambe says:

    Comfime longue longue

  2. Fati Aisha says:

    beautiful my supper star

  3. Chris Wemba says:

    Oh my brother na true talk oh

  4. Kotong Musco says:

    that is our own brother from la republic

  5. Presley Njih says:


  6. Pelagie Tsamene says:

    you have spocke well my brother

  7. Emmanuel Fonyuy says:

    No mind them but we di wait them forsure

  8. Markelia Ladi says:

    Longue Longue abeg u keep we for down ya

  9. John Morgan says:

    I give u all my respect…Longue Longue

  10. Patron Neba says:

    Longue longue knows right and the truth .he knows again what Anglophone are passing through

  11. Patron Neba says:

    Thank u my brother for accepting us as ur brothers

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