Self Improvement Or Self Destruction?

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Most of us will like to have beautiful skin and even tone. We are willing to do two thousand and one things to ensure we stay younger and look more enchanting, even if it means doing a nose job, facials and surgeries. For lack of finances, most of us have resorted to skin lightening. Skin lightening, or skin bleaching, is a cheap cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten dark areas of the skin at the detriment of melanin pigment put in us by God himself to help fight the hash rays of  the Sun thereby preventing us from being infected with cancerous cells.

Just about so many folks including celebrities are caught up in the web of low self esteem! Out of hate of their natural and God created self, the need for transformation becomes imperative and the only way out.

A case study is Askia Karin, a Buea based Cameroonian talented and often dubbed the best female rapper out of Cameroon and  Central Africa as a whole. She’s been in the game for years now, made lots of fans for yourself(including me), a brand and product we had come to love and respect for who she was. Then out of no way, for no reason and without the consent of her fans and consumers of the product she was, a major transformation was made! She became something else, same brand name(Askia), different product(Bleached rapper); more beautiful than the natural and real person we had accepted, but all fake as Santa Clause.

Now in her lyrics and freestyles, she’s fighting people for talking about her transformation, it’s not so strange because most of Cameroonians are cursed with a mind set that have been conditioned to think and react 95% only to negative things! What did she expect from fans and people who were already used to the initial person(product) she had presented? Did she expect us to just give her a round of applause and accept the impostor without questioning? What if the real Askia has been replaced with a clone, just like Chris Brown and Eminent? Whatever the case is, everybody is entitled to an opinion and we of this platform, will keep praying and hoping for the come back of the real Askia, just like Nigerians are praying for the come back of the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram even though it’s far-fetched!


Bring Back Our Askia

Bring Back Our Askia

Dear Readers, do you think Skin Lightening is self improvement or self destruction?

Thanks for reading!!

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2 thoughts on “Self Improvement Or Self Destruction?”

  1. I think only people with low self esteem and lack of confidence will go for skin lightening…Woh woh man na woh woh man. We all knew how Askia was (Monkey turn Baboon)

    1. Boss Chick says:

      I think in her case we could say it’s self improvement, as this new version of her is far more better than the previous one

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