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Artists give their best to produce a piece and the least you can do is show them some love. Show Some Love(S.S.L) is an exclusive “Meetcameroonian” nudge promotion program for videos made by artists from Cameroon which are not getting the exposure and credit they deserve. Every 3days, MC team will dig and post a video with less exposure and views, and you our dear audience will support the artist by commenting, advicing, and dropping your candid positive critisism, showing them love and promoting them at the same time.

On this edition of SSL we are going to give it all to Askia, number female rapper in Cameroon.  She released her official video entitled “No Worry Me”, which I think should have made a hit. See details below, watch the video and drop your comments.

Artist: Askia Karin

Producer: DiJay Karl.

Video Director: Njimape Terence.

Label: Mutumbu Records Inc.

Youtube Views at time of posting: 25827

If you think the Video deserves more views you will join me in sharing and pointing others to watch the video.

Thanks faithful readers.


One thought on “Show Some Love – SSL”

  1. Freakout George says:

    why waste so much time to write about a bitch who can’t even show herself love. I used to like her, but any more because she thinks she’s already up there whereas she’s no where. Fuck you Askia

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