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On today’s edition of show some love, we are going to uncover a talent. This is the introduction of a young talented Cameroonian in the hustle, despite him not being recognised nationwide in his career as an afro pop and soul musician, he is well known in his home town of Kumba. He believes in his dream and knows that, behind every dark cloud, there’s a silver linen. I have been touched by his determination, and the “never gives up spirit” he posses, and decided to show him some love by uncovering his talent on the meetcameroonian platforms. We caught up with “Carl Brizzy, stage name; real name, Caleb Awa ” on meetcameroonians Whatsapp group and had him present his autobiography. Read it below!

Hi people am Carl Brizzy a singer, song writer, sound engineer and many more. I started singing when I was 11 years old, and it’s an inheritance from my mum, I mean the voice. Talking about songs, I have always have a rule, which is “Strictly Good music and I try to keep that profile. I have over 50 songs if not more. I started up a little music group known as “H2”,  2008-2013. For lack of sponsors and proper promotion, the group had to see its end, but that never refrained me from working extra harder. I began doing  studio session videos to keep my fans entertained,

My passion has always been the one to create good musics and melodies, and I will keep do that even though most Cameroonians do not support and lack of sponsors. I believe in Change and right now the wind of change is blowing.

Carl Brizzy & The Fon of Sports presentation, CRTV.

Carl Brizzy & The Fon of Sports presentation, CRTV.

In 2015 I started and founded another group known as “U Stars” a group of 2,

U Star shooting a Video

U Star shooting a Video

and on the  4th of June, 2016 I released my latest Single, ” Na me & U official Video.

It has been ur home boy Brizzy”just keep doing your thing for days are different, no one knows the colour of tomorrow”.


sponsors, producers, promoters there is your boy Carl Brizzy, show him some love.


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