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Artists give their best to produce a piece and the least you can do is show them some love. Show Some Love(S.S.L) is an exclusive “Meetcameroonian” nudge promotion program for videos made by artists from Cameroon which are not getting the exposure and credit they deserve. Every 3days, MC team will dig and post a video with less exposure and views, and you our dear audience will support the artist by commenting, advicing, and dropping your candid positive critisism, showing them love and promoting them at the same time.

We are going to start with ” Mother’s Love “

Artist Name: Dapne

Label: Steven’s Music Entertainment.

Video: Mother’s Love

Current youtube Views at time of posting: 59324

If you are a fan of the Cameroon music industry, you will watch the video, share and comment…..Remember it’s #SSL

4 thoughts on “Show Some Love – SSL”

  1. good work dapne, keep up with the spirit and the sky is just your starting point… is behind you to support and promot

  2. Boss Chick says:

    good song, message and video on point. thanks to the people behind for such an initiative and we pray and hope other Cameroonians follow your lead so the whole world can get to know this talent.. Dapne girl you rock….

  3. She is so so dope, Mothers out there will be happy for this!

  4. Freakout George says:

    well deserved, we gonna show you love all the way to the top….If you go off track like Askia, we go help you out as well

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