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O Southern Cameroons!  We’ve been walking this road for far too long. We’ve been walking the fool’s walkway like idiots for so long that we don’t even know when we are being taken for a ghost chase. It hasn’t been six months since events in the country went haywire with camps whose sole aim was gaining recognition stole the spotlights.  A new brand of 419ners was given birth to withing the shortest time. They stole the people’s heart and behold stacks of dollars are piling up in their bank accounts as we speak. A few so called activists are now comfortably assured that their asylum documents will go through.

BRAVO! to the stupid, idiotic and robotic citizens we have back home, whose brains are so empty that they accept any rubbish history they’re served with. All those who claim to know the true history of Cameroon are idiots and deserve to be treated as such. Where were they when the hard working historians took their time to document the history we have studied so far. No book that has ever been written in the light of time can go unnoticed.

When it’s time for supporting baseless stories, we see a whole army of Facebook rustics with no brain of their own flooding the cyberspace. We equally see a whole gang of blabbers in the name of bloggers who can barely equate their love for English to their love of Mathematics roaming and crowding the runway of blogging with copy-pasted articles in the name of writing posts.

There’s equally another group of ASSHOLES and ZOMBIES in the name of artists, fashion designers, models, music producers, etc. who can’t even take out time to like, share or promote a well written and optimized post to promote their trade. They spend time complaining about everything a government does rather than build on the quota of natural talents they have.

SHAME to the Southern Cameroons Entertainment Industry. A government can give you everything but will never teach you how to promote and consume your own products. You have been so choked with accepting your new name for a dream independent state that you forget what being an independent state truly means;  BUILD, ACCEPT, and PROMOTE your OWN. YES, I said it. It’s not about you going up and down identifying yourself as AMBAZONIANS with no sense of what it entails building an independent state.

Where in God’s hell are all the artists from Southern Cameroons? MIC Monster, Tzy Panchak, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Meccah Al-Fahid, Jb Volta Marc Cedric, Icesysongz Theartist, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Daphne, etc. Are you guys really serious about getting your spot on the international scenes or you are just as STUPID as your low-grade street fans? OOO, curse me for all I care. If you actually had a clue about the industry you got yourself into then you won’t be comfortable with 100k views on YouTube and a few LIKES and SHARES on FaceBook. The sheer lack of support and engagement from the Ambazonian community has pushed our vibrant artists to embrace Francophonization in their music just so they can blow, and guess what! It’s working. check Mr. Leo’s Videos on Youtube and tell me the number of Francophones who go there to support and promote him and also Check Big G’s Channel, even as hardcore as his art is, 8 million Ambazonians have failed to support and promote him.

A fellow brother/sister will release a new track when you know the hard work needed, and you can’t even take out time to like and share. Damn you ASSHOLE. YES, DAMN you.

I LOVE the FRANCOPHONIZATION of many home base artists. Kudos to Reniss, Askia, Mr. Leo, Daphne et al., who have understood the name of the hustle. Anglophones are HATERS. YES, my people are good at buying fake stories, liking shared PUSSIES, Spreading fake news, liking and sharing rubbish like WE ARE WINING BIGLY and FATLY… Keep the hustle on for the FRANCOPHONIZATION of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is the way forward.

I can’t even begin to talk about the movie industry, that one na RUBBISH. Maybe OKAWA SHAZNAY can tell us better. All Ambazonians do is complain, curse, hate, envy, jealous and blame the government of LRC for their sheer lack of support and engagement…The just ended CAMIFF is a good example, how many of you so called bloggers based in Cameroon reported on the event? If na for post information to destroy the reputation of Nsang Dilong wuna carry first! Except for Mareta West who did her best to share pictures and info on the event, the rest of you failed and you hypocritically talk about the industry not growing! Just about how much have you contributed to ensure the growth of the industry?

Ambazonia without a true culture of engagement and support is simply LRC with a different name. Why wuna so called leaders in the diaspora no be supply wuna internet for show say wuna be ready for gain independence? All you get from their siphoning of cash is an endorsement from local councils in the state. So wuna own country go be recognized not by the UN but by local councils? SHAME! SHAME! Wake up and build your industry. Empowering yourself starts from you appreciating and consuming your own products.

Tapang Ivo, Chris Bongam, Akoson Pauline, these ones write lengthily on Facebook, they drive lots of traffic only to end up making Mark Z richer. I have these questions for your hypocritical minds: How much has Mark Z given back to our community? Why can’t you choose an Ambazonian blog to write on? As for you Tapang Ivo, you claim Mark Bareta is your friend from your days in UB, how many articles have you written on his website? How much traffic have you driven to his website? All you guys want is liberate a territory, but none of you are ready to empower the citizens of that territory.

Make all wuna stop this nonsense and pretense, unless Y’all start empowering Ambazonians and consuming home made products, Y’all remain a bunch of hypocrites!

I rest my case!!!

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