Stanley Enow And Jovi; To Unite Southern Cameroon Music industry

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

The Beef between Stanley Enow and Jovi is not a new thing! If there’s one thing any Fan wishes to see come true is the reunion of these duo, for they represent two “brothers”, Southwest and Northwest and by their decisions to put aside this long beef, shadings and cold war,  they will be uniting “Southern Cameroonian Music Industry” in the musical front.

Stanley made the reconciliation move by appreciating Jovi’s work!

Stanley Enow Appreciating Jovi's Mongshung

Stanley Enow Appreciating Jovi’s Mongshung

It’s a giant move,  done at the right time and to serve the right purpose. While the government of La Republique du Cameroon through toy ministers like Atanga Nji, Fame Ndongo condescend to  “divide and rule”, in attempts to extinct the Southern Cameroon Struggle—a big unity moved has been made in the Musical Front.

Fans of both stars had their say on Facebook and from the comments posted on Stanley Enow’s Wall, one can deduce that: posting the Video of Jovi’s Mongshung by Stanley Enow with an appreciative hash tagged, “#OneOfMyBestSongzThisYear” is a move for unity.

Some of the comments are shared below, Click for clear view:

while waiting for Jovi’s Move, the Atanga Njis’ of La Republique Music Industry(Maahlox Levibeur and Franko, have been sent out to set confusion.stanley Enow

While Maahlox Levibeur and others are out there with the virus of “Tchiromantangana” to further infect the Southern Cameroons’ music industry with, “divide and rule”, we only hope and Pray Jovi Le Monstre will Wribalised.

Southern Cameroon needs unity to win big at all fronts!


Should we expect a collabo between Stanley Enow and Jovi, a joint voice to decry Southern Cameroons’ Problem?

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