Stanley Enow; the Musical foe of the people of Ambazonia

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Stanley Enow can, ” fuck xenophobia” for all I care, but in as much as he fails to fuck “Francophobia”, he remains a foe.

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Even the way artists get to drop songs is highly influenced by the diabolical regime of the Senseless Republic Of Cameroun:

Many people, fans and haters alike have been wondering why Stanley Enow, after haven released 2 tracks(Pray for me and Follow me), preludes to his second album, “Afro season” decided to revisit his first album ” Soldier like ma papa” and produced a Video of, “Love Song” feat Claude Ndam of the Hell called Cameroun.

The answer is simple: The puppets of LRC have exhausted every tactic they had to  render useless the movement for the restoration of Ambazonia, so they had to condescend to using Stanley Enow. Maybe if they had used Mr. Leo, or Dapne, Ambazonians would have been influenced, not Stanley Enow who is struggling to hit 100 k views with his new videos.

In the video of Love Song, Cameroun’s diversity is displayed with a perfect blend of Vocal English, French and pidgin English preaching Love and Unity. In Claude Ndam’s word I translate and quote”  “Together We could make harmony and like a rainbow that decorates the day,  we can mix all the colors of the world and sing the most beautiful melodies of love”. True love and unity starts with the truth, both Stanley Enow and Claude Ndam failed to tell the abusive government of Cameroun the truth, but instead agreed to be used to preach unity for Cameroonians in the most subtle of ways.

As if that wasn’t enough, part of the reasons(discrimination) why Southern Cameroonians want out of the union with Cameroun was vividly noticed by  24,409 viewers of the Video, sheer discrimination  on the part of Stanley Enow’s Francophone bosses! . When Stanley Enow sings in English and pidgin, it gets translated to French, but when Claude Ndam sings in French, no English Translation, it remains French, same french we are fighting out of our courts and schools, same French in every offices and public places in Cameroun.  You can’t preach love and discrimination at the same time! Is it that the Francophones are so foolish that Spoken French needs to be subtitled before they can understand?

Sorry, LRC you can’t use Stanley Enow to influence us, maybe that would have been possible when Southern Cameroonians were looking up to him as their hip hop messiah. Stanely Enow already messed up by denying us his voice when we needed it most, he can’t come around now at this point when Southern Cameroonians are at the verge of being  free from the shackles of the republic of Cameroun, and attempts to subliminally condition our minds with a message of fake love and unity.

Fuck Francophobia, Fuck Stanley Enow, 

Long live Ambazonia, The struggle continues.

Ashu Williams For M.C Media
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