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The beauties that we miss are not in mind or in time
But in the atmosphere of planktons and sea weeds
Those beauties will never be carried away by the birds
But grow calmly with the fishes
As they swim quietly with the seeds
The common man may not see
The common man may not know
What harm he does to that atmosphere of enchanting beauty
Less or more you may educate him, but know that
The greatest punishment is for those who do not educate

The beauties that we miss are not in the sea breeze
But in the minds of the whales and sea waves
They may look like fading away with global warming
Or even evaporating with the warm morning sun
But the truth is, they live and survive in the ignorance of man
This beauty is wild, primitive, yet safer
Let’s give it a chance to grow for,
Man will ponder, yet dies for real

The beauties that we miss may look like mammals
But the later can never top the food chain
“Animal or man, which one is important”, a young girl asked
“It doesn’t matter”, her teacher responded
“All are part of the ecosystem;
Don’t wonder why, because it is as mysterious as the trinity
Keep a cool head and thank God for the rainfall as you do for your life
The beauties that we miss may be minute,
But are no mystery, put an effort and you’ll see it coming to you

ZealGod, creative writer

ZealGod, creative writer

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