The Biggest Heist in Modern Cameroon Happens in UBa (University of Bamenda).

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The Biggest Heist in Modern Cameroon Happens in UBa (University of Bamenda).

As the country continues in the charade of dialogue-searching to end the seemingly unending crisis, and as the commander-in-chief continues to rule the country in absentia, so too does smart administrators continue looting the vulnerable youths. The desire for stardom has towered to heights beyond imagination in recent time, with every youth seeking for a platform to showcase what they have. It is with no doubt that in this atmosphere of unparalleled quagmire,  the smart citizens will do whatever it takes to climb the ladder.

It was just a few days ago that the CAMIFF events ended registering a whole encyclopedia of sex scandals, with the veteran Nigerian actor Zack Orji, allegedly having toilet sex with the Cameroonian actress Soli Egbe. In the twist of events, Soli Egbe was also accused of paying bloggers to drag the name of Joan Ngomba to the mud with a ridiculously sweet story of how she had sex with 3 different guys during the said event.

While in the shadows of CAMIFF, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda (UBa) and his crew were busy planning the biggest heist of all time in broad daylight. UBa was created sometime in the 2000s as the second Anglosaxon University in Cameroon. Given the unending outcry by anglophones of the corrupt nature of Francophone universities, one would expect that the Anglosaxon universities should be different. It is very obvious that the problem has never been about francophone universities per say, but rather about anglophones in the position of helping those below them.

As per the rules of voting for the ongoing contest of Miss UBa 2018, powered by SHOSA EMPIRE CAMEROUN, the contestants who can bring in voters with huge bank accounts and who are ready to spend definitely carries the title. This goes without saying that, the winner of the event definitely bags 100K FCFA. Hmmmmmmm, and the event is to take place in the university’s own REFECTORY.


Description  : How to Vote.
To vote type by mobile money as many times as you want, or you can vote with up to 100,000 XAF at once by
doing a transfer Mobile Money of 100 XAF (one hundred CFA) or the intended amount to the number (00237) 679472080
then add in reference the number of your Candidate:
  1. type *126#   for MTN number .
  2. choose 1 : Money Tarnsfer
  3. choose 1 : to an MTN number
  4. choose 1 : Mobil Number
  5. write Number  :  679472080
  6. enter the amount  : 100 XAF or any amount
  7. write Reference Of your favorite : 01 or 1 or 12 etc.
  8. enter your PIN password Mobil money   to confirme transaction

Prof. Theresa Akenji is one of those few women in Cameroon who stand out in all fields of life. Being a scientist does not stop her from spreading her wings to other domains. Her tenure in the Faculty of science of the University of Buea was marked with strictness and orderliness. Well, recent events in UBa, where she stands tall as the Vice Chancellor say otherwise. What has happened this once powerful and straightforward lady whose sole aim was to make sure merit was the watch word? Even if she may not be aware of the rules of the 2018 Miss UBa elections, she will still receive the blames, for it is her duty to surround herself with people who do the right thing.

Mme. Vice Chancellor et al., with all due respect Ma, how can you in your right senses even agree to such outrageous theft in broad daylight? It will be wise for you to restructure the voting rules before it gets too late because this goes without saying that you are one of the people bent on crippling this prestigious country even at a time when people face difficulties and are hoping that stability could be achieved at all cost. This simple act of ignorance and absolute banditism goes to show how incompetent your team is, you inclusive. The youths of this country are watching you to take necessary actions to correcting this theft at industrial scale. We need level heads in facing our daily challenges not for cheap scandals as this… We are watching you Ma…



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