MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Time is of the essence, no time to waste
If I use this road once, my footprints I must erase
The shadow of me must not resemble another’s
Because my mirror image, is actually not me

The city has become a beehive for power struggle
And if I must get an appointment with civilization,
My steps, others must not trace.
Destiny is in us and us in destiny.

“Old man of grey hair and weak bones
You deserve a life of honey not thorns
You have toiled all through your youth
So, why stack the stones by the river bed
When you know, a bridge you can’t build?”

“I build this bridge, young lad,
So that you and your kind, can traverse to the future.
I mustn’t follow you in your quest,
But all you need is a mind of your own.

If at all you were to win or quit, please,
This you must not do; break the bridge.
Bother not your spirit thinking about everything,
For, there are some things that are nature’s.

Yesterday was one day ago, but the shaping,
And moulding of destiny is in fact your destiny.
Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love.
I build this bridge, young lad, from the future not the past
So that you can have a date with civilization,
And recount my story to my kind’
For it is said, “a prophet is not known at home

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