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From across the Atlantic
Comes great tides and mighty waves
Rising as fountains of glorious down pour
Galloping down the slopes of mount Fako
Enriching the “sweet Delmonteẻ bananas”
Like the golden chariot of the gods
It sweeps pass Bakingili, Bonakanda, Bokwango
Down the streets of Molyko, the land of adventure

As the rain clouds gather
Golden droplets shower our way
Reminding us of the vast band width
From among which we could choose
That configuration, the perfect permutation
The emblem of education
The banner of liberty
The spring board to press freedom

The Ozone is depleted
But our frequency remains the same
By the walls of hills and valleys
By the rising and settling of the sun
Our ancestors did choose that formula
The unity of voices
The magic of echoes
The youthfulness of a people
The chariot of the gods
That settles in “UB”, the place to be

It is the dawn of a new day
It is the dawn of a new season
Hopes run high
Expectations get beyond views
Man has got to dream bigger
He has got to furnish the will to learn
Other things may change, man inclusive
But the chariot remains the same password to success, 93.5 MHz

ZealGod- Creative Writer, poet and lyricist.

ZealGod- Creative Writer, poet and lyricist.

2 thoughts on “THE CHARIOT”

  1. this is real pure talent, show him some love

    1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

      Thanks CEO…we rocking the rhythm

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