THE LIGHT OF A NATION part 2: A People with a Wise Heritage

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

The yesterday of this nation is unique and second to none other…”
These were the words of our forefathers.
We have made the start, brutal but successful. You need not trace our paths or follow our footsteps, for it will mean you have not seen the content of the plastic bag. Each time you try to trace our paths, you will find yourself at a new start, and be confident that you will encounter all the obstacles we’ve successfully excluded from your own path. The road ahead is infinite but well mapped out. Your guide should be our mistakes, for our successes will only lead to your downfall. It is important to note that; we had already started this journey, so the light you see in the plastic bag is a testimonial that will remind you of the essence of not starting all over again. Do not be fooled by it well presented nature, it contains lives sacrificed for your well-being and it has stood the test of time. Do not also be fooled by its folded nature into taking it for a soccer ball, because once it loses its inflation its wrath will be unbearable. All you need is A New Beginning, A Better Beginning
The people had asked for light, light there was in its abundance and blissful sensitization.
“They are no better than us”they had thought, so, they bought the idea of thinking that payback is the best option. The entire nation was then divided into three opposing camps:
-The first made up of the champions; who believed that they are better in all aspects and have as birth right to decide the fate of the nation;
-The second camp comprising of those who believed that they had been rubbed of their rights as citizens and possibly future flag bearers of the nation; and
-The last group comprised of those who were completely lost in the show and had no say.

This is our struggle, we either thwart it or grow it. Our mannerism as a people has never been that of violence. Today and tomorrow all like our yesterday, are sediment-like depositions for our children and grand children. What heritage are we poised of leaving behind? Think big, think modern and above all don’t forget to look back. Violence has never been a culture of ours. Lets not leave a heritage as bad as Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Lets be wise.
To be continued…

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