MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

The difficulties faced by many in Cameroon does not present a stumbling block to those who have their eyes fixed on becoming the unbecoming.
From the slumps of Bafoussam to becoming a real hustler in the Legendary town of ‘Duala’, Stanley Ebai Enow aka Etangti Mor’ Manyang or Bayangi Boy has proven many bad ‘belleh’ hustlers wrong. As per many, he does bad music with no sense of direction in his lyrics. How then did he beat the likes of the mega weight Nigerian rapper Phyno, in the Best New Act category of the MTV Africa Music Award in 2014?
“Wher’ ma Hood” is a track many haters of the Cameroonian Music industry don’t know or are yet to hear. It’s one of the first from the legendary Bayangi Boy. It’s 100% American and a material for fame. Many have asked the question; why Hein père not this? The answer is simple:
“Even in the wide dream era, u gotta ask yourself one thing, wher’ ma hood at?”
Everywhere you go, the real entertainers have a vision. They see what the local rappers won’t normally see.
“N’oublie jamais d’ou tu viens, niggas’ serious?”…
“Avec un billet de kollo, everywhere you go nigga, j’ai vu le gros lot”…
The ideas are always in the mix, and as the legendary Jude ‘MI’ Abaga, king of Nigerian HipHop will put it;
“Even brave hearts had a late start, even great artists make fake art…”
It’s tough for entertainers of the modern era to know exactly what will suit the market and make hit, therefore if one can get a glimpse of such a vista, then, they’re indeed a legend. From collaboration with international mega superstars like Tuface (How E go Be), Nyanda of Brick n Lace (Slippery when wet), Fuse ODG n Olamide (Black Commando), Sarkodie (Tumbu Boss remix), H-Name (We live together), AKA (Bounce), etc., the “Etangti Mor’ Manyang” actually needs a nchang shoes, and like the Banso man he fights to rep. Cameroon.
Irrespective of what haters will think or say, the best ever modern versions of our local phraseology songs till date have been done by the King Kong. Let’s try to get a list of some;
– Amina, by the Ivorian coupe decale musician TV5
– Ewa na beans eeeeh beans ooo ewa by D’banj
– Tumbu tumbu boss calabar by Jovi
– Big big belle, e no di find find palava by the Legendary Zangalewa
– Tumbu Boss by King Kong
– Njama njama cow by King Kong… etc.
I will appreciate addition to the list as well as corrections. The MTN voice actor had for a long time studied the market behind the legendary Tony Nobody. He didn’t rush into the market like many lightweight rappers nowadays would have done. It was a well calculated move that paid off with the following awards:

Cameroon Academy Awards
2013 Best Male Artist of the Year, Won
Best Urban Artist of the Year, Won

Balafon Music Awards
2013 Hein Père, Best Video of the Year, Won

MTV Africa Music Awards
2014 Himself, Best New Act, Won

African Muzik Magazine Awards
2014 Best Male Central Africa, Nominated
Best New Act, Won

Canal d’or 10th edition (Canal 2 International Awards)
2015 Best New Act, Won
Artist of the Year, Nominated
Best Urban Artist, Won
“Njama Njama Cow” (Remix), Best Video, Nominated

2015 Best Male Central Africa, Won

Kora Awards
2016 King Kong, Best Hip Hop, Nominated

Urban Jamz Awards
2016 Best Male Artist, Won
King Kong, Best Music Video, Won

The big question to my fellow pundits remains; if it where the song entitled “Wher’ ma Hood”
would the so called sense in lyrics had given King Kong more fame than he has now?
We love the music industry, we love entertainment but the truth is;
“If you don’t have a mind of your own, don’t be disappointed this is fine you can be a clone. You can follow the crowd and push for negative criticisms. Who’s perfect anyway? Some claim to know the truth like Jesus, they claim to be immune to failing, their mouth is never cursing, they’re even number one selection; but the truth is, when it comes to putting a good rational plan together; The KING KONG is NUMBER ONE in the MBOA HIPHOP ARENA”
At, we give you nothing but the truth in not just one phase. For the purpose of love, I bring this piece to you…

Hate less, Love more
Verse 1:
Beneath the durst, I rose to the sunshine
Nursed from the ferns and weeds, still made the frontline
No matter the number of piercing eyes,
Keep your head up and take shape like ice
A verse for the pundits to have a rethink
Coz’ when itz time for hustling, therez no blink
Letz forget all the hate and build our fatherland
The mistakes were made way back in Foumban land
We weren’t part of it but we can make our own tomorrow
Letz not be ruled by relics for we’re our own tomorrow
Itz time for us the hustlers, itz time for us the stars
Itz time for us all to turn back to our daily brawls
Letz forge a new history with us as witnesses
No fake tales of heroes or fiction prank of greatness
Letz not let them fool us to fruitless man slaughter
For the sanguinary bathe will call for nothing but laughter
Of mockery and branding with labels as big as Tokyo
I may not be perfect but I will help heal your blind eyes so…

U can see me in the sky
Living it big
Like a bird
U can see me in the sea
Living real fast
Like Michael Phelps
Am making it (big)
Am making it (big)
Am making it big
Like a bird

Verse 2:
Fake haters keep hating saying, C’est pour le verre rouge jeune
While real hustlers fall; waking saying, we’re Back in the game
This is time for the Phoenix to trust, climb the crest n beat the odds
Hein père, how e go be, when all them haters trying to connect the dots
Everywhere you go I connect like a spine to your bone
Itz time for the odds, like Tumbuboss them belleh go burst
Like nkwi, Etangti mor’ manyang, is Slippery when wet
I be Black commando fighting for love, baby Bounce
Ndem man, stop hating, itz time to Hit the road
La femme, all ma sweat and hustle na Yours
Even though the money is in making, got to Work hard
Bonjour le teacher, I be soldier man, like ma papa
The bigger the money, the bigger the problem
Even coupe d’état, di ndem men them
Ops, I got the SS genotype
No problem, handsomeness is the phenotype


  1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ I am truly inspired by all your posts, you got it man! Reading this over and over again, think you should make a post on creative corner of poetry about the lyrics you composed, so good! can sell that the lyrics and make a song out it. It will be a smash hit.

    1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

      Thanks a lot for the love n appreciation Lionel

    1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

      Thnkz Boss Chick

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s for sure man. Stanley realised what no one did before in #237. You hate me? I love you says the king Kong.Where ma hood is my best bro i listen to it every bless day. It reminds me of the legendary Curtis aka 50 cent in the olden days. Stanley is the king Kong the real gorilla. For the shoe,we got to find his stylist and lift him/her up with serious warning.

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