The truth about the consortium

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The Truth About the Consortium

What is to be understood is that many have failed so far to comprehend the meaning of “consortium”! In a very simple phrase; “A consortium can be described as an association of ‘groups’, ‘companies’, ‘several businesses’ to form a conglomerated union which represents the common interest of the several groups which came together to form it”.

In the case of Southern Cameroons, a consortium was formed which is made up of representatives from various factions of common law lawyers’ association, Teachers’ union, traders’ unions, Okada and Taxi drivers’ unions. They unanimously agreed to be the one voice crying out loud in the wilderness against the global Southern Cameroonians’ problem.

By forming a consortium, the different unions and associations were simply telling us; Southern Cameroonians—that they have consented, to  leading us, under the auspices of the consortium to either gain outright independence consortiumfrom La Republique Du Cameroun or  the attainment of a two state federation. We, the people, accepted the consortium on the grounds that they stood for the common interest of every Southern Cameroonian and have it at the back of their minds that their individual demands as “associations” or “unions” will be met when we gain independence or granted a two state federation as a people.

From the onlooker’s point of view, there seems to be some black legs in the consortium, or should we say some representatives of the Teachers’ Union, hold an opinion contrary to what the consortium stood for.

Senior Citizen and Deputy Attorney of Cameroon’s Supreme court; Ayah Paul Abine had his say in the matter as seen below.

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Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku, a social media activist also had his say in a rather controversial and inconsistent manner. As sited below:

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Mr Davis E. Tabot equally stated his opinion. He revisited Mr. Tapang Ivo’s Facebook wall so as to proof his inconsistency and addressed Mr Ivo as referenced below:

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Dear Ivo, you are very inconsistent and biased in every way possible, perhaps you think all your followers are dummies and bots you can just manipulate with words! Below is a post on your timeline on the 7th of December, 2016 written by you:

“Head of Teachers’ Union, Tassang Wilfred, maintains that strike must “continue indefinitely.” But former Colonial PM, Peter Musonge wants Southwest region to call off the strike.
Who do you listen to? Tassang or Musonge?”

“Head of Teachers’ Union”? Do you see the contradiction and inconsistency in your opinions? On the 7th, he was speaking as the head of teachers’ union, meaning he spoke as the collective voices of all the teachers. Today, you chose to single him out as an individual and made his act of betrayal heroic. I d sorry you plenty Mr. Ivo! You rightly said he represents the teachers in the consortium! When the teachers’ demand are met—which excludes federalism and secession, what then becomes of the consortium you so much believe in? A serious crack, I suppose—as predicted by the learned Justice Ayah Paul Abine, you termed a failed politician. The teachers will definitely go about their daily business, and big lope hole left in the consortium right?

If the teachers cannot openly decry Mr. Tassang Wilfred’s act as betrayal, then you are wrong to conclude he spoke just as one person—His been speaking as the head of the teachers’ union—not in this instance will you single him out. I rest my case!!

#Tassangisatraitor and must be sorted out!![nextpage title=”meetcameroonians’ take”]

The truth about the consortium is that, “It is formidable and can lead Southern Cameroonians to achieve their aims as a people, but can equally fail if the people who hold contrary opinions are not kicked out”. We followed up discussions on Facebook and another reputable teacher, Mr. Neba Nathan, wrote the following lines, which we consider as an eye opener and we are not wrong to conclusively call Mr. Tassang Wilfred a sellout and a dictator. Read the lines from Mr. Neba Nathan below:

[nextpage title=”Neba Nathan’s Take”]Consortium

Black legs must be spotted and kicked out!

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