The Word of God is sharper – Jesus Christ is that word

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I wrote this lil piece of artwork for you, yes even you!

“He performed some outstanding miracles,
Called down fire from Heaven;
But failed to bring me close to the Kingdom,

She said things about the future,
All pointing the direction of materialism,
And yet my spirit degraded even the more and far-fetched to me was the kingdom;

He preached the word to me,
It pierced me like a two edge sword
And healed me like a balm
Dark stars and scales fell off my eyes and I saw the Kingdom,

She followed me up, with word of encouragement from the “WORD”,
The birth of an insight and thereon;
Spiritual enlightenment attained, understanding broadened;
Wisdom heightened, brighter visions and power working miracles-
These and even more were freely given me as rights and privileges as a Newman in the Kingdom.”

Inspiration drawn from John 1:1
I chose to be a preacher, you too can do it so I nominate you. As you do God’s work he do will yours 7 fold. Just a daily post on your facebook wall, share with friends on whatsapp, Wechat and viber.

The kingdom of God is that invisible Kingdom which extends to wherever Jesus is Lord(King). Every single soul won to the kingdom makes it grow bigger, creating great joy in Heaven for that single confirmation that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

So peeps, do want to spread the word, do you wanna crown Him even the more, do you wanna extend the kingdom? If yes, then choose to be a preacher

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