Top 3 Kamer Artists’ with trending Punchlines.

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Dear MC readers,

We hereby present to you punch-lines currently trending  in our music world. So many people have mistaken vulgarity for punchline. A punchline is looked here as a stanza in a lyric which carry with it a strong message, some direct and others coded in metaphor & irony with a strong effect on its target(s). Which ever way you choose to rate a punchline, this is MC’s list of top “Punchlines” with  much felt effect and vulgar lines are not part of it:

.3  We present our girl askia,  Cameroon’s best female rapper

Cameroon's Queen-Kong

Cameroon’s Queen-Kong

Punchline:  “Ip don burn, all dis ngess mendem want rap for comot for TV” out from her Mboko version, panda cover. “Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.” Though a punchline, but it effects are limited to “Ngess mendem” with lost calling, others are applying Eneke’s strategy.

.2 Meet Mic Monsta – Cameroon’s Next rated rap tycoon, a fine lyricts and possible successor to the thronemicmonsta1


” you like you mind my business, you no go make gain”
” All these other rappers i don leave dem for back”
“fake rappers don d space, they don d give gap”
“the top na ma long and i go stay here for long”

Na to fear Mic Monsta, hard messages to people people talking behind his back, It’s clear he left so many other rappers behind, fake rapper will not be able to stand him because his imagination and creativity is pure. Who is at the top? A tough battle for Mic Monsta, but nothing is impossible, ask even Grand Kumba or Super Makia, MM “fit chest thunder”

.1 The first spot goes to Kamer undisputed Boss rapper – king kong, forefront General and award winner Stanley Enow

king kong S.E

king kong S.E

Dear readers, if by now you still haven’t understood what i meant by trending, just copy and paste this line in your google search engine and see what pops, “Stuck in Yaounde, they think its first class”.

The KO Punchline

The K.O Punchline by Stanley enow

The punchline was aimed at S.E’s rivals who in their every lyrics try to contradict him and to prove he is not the Boss. From every indications, it’s a K.O punchline, it didn’t only knocked out the rappers it was aimed at, but several video directors; some went viral on social medias to inflict others with the effect. Some Real artists like Gee Reign were fast and wise enough to shun the hate virus and seed of discord Geraldrico was trying to sow in the music industry. The punchline for sure had its target(s), but not Gee Reign and other wise artists.

Do you agree with our list? if not kindly share your list with us and other readers.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Top 3 Kamer Artists’ with trending Punchlines.”

  1. Freakout George says:

    fuck Askia for saying this Ip don burn, all dis ngess mendem want rap for comot for TV . Is she not a bitch and local prostitute now rapping as well for comot for TV?. You guys really lacked people to write about. Why poke nose and tok about other’s people struggle and forget yours bitch? Rub all that cream, but do not forget beauty is not sold in the market. ama Ip don burn ngess mendem want rap for comot for TV. Your pussy no turn be bole hole before you start rap?

  2. Anonymous says:

    useless Askia who can not pay her bills

  3. reflechi avantdecrire says:

    vraiment il faut etre un bete journal pour penser meme a classer Stanley enow parmi les punchliner… haha vs etes vraiment debile koi!!! vs laisser Pascal, Dareal, Jovi, meme Tilla et bien dautre pour mettre Stanley Enow?? on vous paye pour etre aussi null et bete???? faite avancer la music…Stanley a un Lyric faible p etr un bon Beat..mais le Lyric est trop faible…ne soyez plus bete pardon…necrivez plus les bete truc comme ca!!!

    1. hey man this article was written for trending punchlines at that time, others are doing good and you can make a list of artist with current trending punchlines at this moment in the industry, write the punchlines and we share publish them as well.

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