Tzy Panchak Dumped By Manager

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

BLUE NATION soldier and always smiling Cameroonian vocalist, TZy Panchak will now ride through 2019 without his long time manager Ngwana Denzel of Denzel Media. The two have been working together for a couple of years now under the same record label, Blue Nation. A US based Cameroonian Record Label which is seemingly one of the highly respected record labels in the Cameroon music industry. Having put in much work in pushing the Artist to higher stages both at home and  abroad, the artist manager Ngwane Denzel was nominated late last year at the #BDMA2018 in the category of best artist manager.

In one of Stanley Enow’s recent hit track title “MyWay” ft TZy Panchak and Locko, I will repeat in TZy Panchak’s  voice,“Aye, Me A Di Find Ma Way…”, You know how to ride on. That’s just to say life is in turns, Ngwana Denzel may have gotten a bigger assignment somewhere (By finding his own way).

Basically, in a press release issued by Ngwane Denzel announcing his quitting Blue Nation, he appreciated the time and experience gathered while working with Blue Nation. He however makes it #Clear “Ngwane Denzel as ‘manage’ cease to exist as per the creation of the Artist management agency” DENZELMEDIA which he says is a product of his years in the entertainment industry. The former manger of Girls choice TZy Panchak is now set to use the experience he has gathered over the years in setting up his own Media organ.

In the one page communique, Ngwane Denzel discloses the team he has chosen to work with. The power house will constitute the likes of those he says he much respect in the industry. J Martins Akwo, Victor Kange, Lukong Jude Kiven, and a host of others.

However, Neither Blue Nation nor TZy has made any official statement regarding his mangers exit.

Later after this communique was published on Ngwane Denzel Facebook page, the comments of the walls of some media personalities spark up what we are yet to fully verify. That let us settle on the fact that something bigger is being hiddenin the cupboard.

Many Artist managers have found themselves being sidelined or bypassed by the PR of their record labels.

It should be notedthat most commercial companies not leaving out record labels have adopted the culture of recruiting very beautiful ladies as PR, dop, “marketing strategy”. Relationship between artist and PR may deepen, which summarily results to bypassing the manger and the result (……). The managementerial approach may have left “Top to bottom” to “Bottom to top”  resulting to the Manger being powerless otherwise, loosing his respect.


We shall verify for more updates and keep u posted, Meanwhile Blue Nation had announced earlier it was looking for younger talents to breath. It is rather unfortunate this will happen in the absence of Ngwane Denzel. He still remains a great supporter to the entertainment industry. However, we on this platform wish him well in his new adventure and team.

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