VOC “Le ROI” Strikes Back with a Letter to Antanga Nji

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VOC Letter to Atanga Nji

The recent events in the home of the Indomitable Lions now dubbed “domitabl Lions” has redefined a lot of aspects. The chorus of fans both of the enter10ment industry and sports alike have redefined their perspectives as well. This does not go without bashing from fans. Some fans have previously branded artists of Anglophone origin ass “Sellouts” because they were silent while others were busy struggling for a better life for all. Talking of the devil’s advocates; prominent stars like MAGASCO, Mr. LEO, SALATIEL, STANLEY ENOW, TATA KINGE, JOVI, VOC, etc. have all been silent, while Dr. SLEY, TZY PANCHAK and now BONZYZ in “MY VOICE” did his bit to lend his voice for the struggle.

The irrationality of an ugly situation is sometimes tough to be judged by a rational being, man. This could be true if we the fans consider that while we are busy conspiring to degrade and dictate what artists are to do; regarding the HERE and NOW, there could be a possibility that these artists are cooking up something that will be worth the wait in PATIENCE. Good Music is like Good Art that needs time and patience to put the conjunctions and strokes in the right order.

While some of us could be satisfied with all the tracks that have been released so far in support of a better Cameroon, believe you me; VOC “Le ROI”

Voc Letter to Atanga Nji

Voc A Cameroonian Rap artist Based in the USA.

has once again cemented his place as Cameroon’s toughest/finest MC. Not just the beat, but the lyrical metamorphosis explains the long silence from the boss. While we wait for other artists to do a better job if they could, VOC is and remains The UNDISPUTED PEOPLE’S CHAMP…

Listen to VOC Letter to Atanga Nji below:

Below is an except from the Great lyrics of Atanga Nji Paul by VOC.

“Atanga Nji Paul I don hear talk, the talk way you talk no be fine talk…..

The boys them d fear I don buy case, mabanda boy I no d fear face…

Bamenda d burn so na you be the cause, if you make good people vex them go broke the laws…….

Paul you be fool the other paul na fool, Wuna two dull I no know which one for choose….

Listen to yourself hear the thing you talk for news, with your funny suit I be need for see your shoes…

I no fit wait make dey sack you, when dey sack you dey go turn lock you

And when dey lock you, you go start for talk true

When that time reach e go late for talk true,

Even if you halla, like Hamido Yaya, write we all kind letter to Bamenda and to Buea,

Paul, we go laf, we go lef you for that fire make you burn finish like TIF man inside tyre….”

After thousands of fans took to their FaceBook page to congratulate JOVI for a job he didn’t do, he strikes back like this:

“I don’t do politics, so the guys doing that stop pretending to be me. Thanks.”

He went further to explain to the fans like this:

“I did not do any song call Atanga Nji Paul, I don’t know who did it, I don’t know who bears that name. Stop using my name”

Voc Letter to Atanga Nji

What’s Jovi really Afraid of?

Oo boy, who said Stanley Enow had a FOWL MOUTH?…I think you now know better. Nevertheless, we now know you (JOVI) can’t be that awesome with the flow. While hoping for the best, we present our respect to the man of the moment VOC…

By Nkoh Jackson Nkoh for M.C Media

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