What is Mboko-god trying to say?

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There’s an adage in Cameroon which says,”na poor man tok-se Guiness d bitter”. Dear readers do you think the adage is applicable to the statement Jovi, Cameroon one and only Mbokogod posted on his facebook wall. see the post below:

Trop de faux ici dehors. Restez vrai

Trop de faux ici dehors. Restez vrai

The prime objective of every artist including hypocritical Jovi is to become famous, some of his lyrics can prove that. If after all these years of Cameroonian’s support, ” your backside na still Tere”, at least you are being true to yourself and your fans who want to see you stuck in that tere; but for the fake of Cameroonian music industry stop calling other artists fake who work so hard to move from grass to grace.

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